Business Services

Advertising comes in three basic formats.

1. Verified, Mapped Listings.

inMerida Ventures provides remote sales, consulting and administration for many types of web systems including large complex portals as well as basic B2B independent sites. Please contact us for a full range of services.

  1. Display the "VERIFIED" badge, meaning users can trust that the address and other basic information about the business (such as correct name, type of business and contact details) are verified and checked by us (a very important thing for web users)
  2. Are always be listed before all "non-verified" (i.e. free) text listings, making your listing more noticeable.
  3. Are accurately shown on's mapping system, which is the most important, prominent and highly used part of our site. For tourists especially, Merida is not an easy city to navigate!
  4. Have a bilingual profile paragraph - this paragraph allows you to describe your business and sell it to the reader. English or Spanish translation included.
  5. Include searchable "key" words - words specifically designed to help people find your business on the Internet -, chosen in conjunction with you.
  6. Have a link to your business's (as applicable) website, email address, facebook page or other resources.
Mobile Site example Mobile Site Example

Please inquire for prices and availability.

Banner Ads

A business may wish for the maximum visibility possible on the system. It can attain this by purchasing a banner ad. These are proportionally large, graphical ads that appear on key pages of the website and may be seen by all users, regardless of what they are searching for. There are two main sizes of ad:

- 160 x 600


Square - 280 x 280