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Easily find businesses, hotels, restaurants, attractions and other services within the city of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. is a completely bilingual website that works to promote businesses in a highly-focused area - within the city of Merida. It is a one-stop shop for tourists and Yucatecans alike to find whatever they need in Merida. You can search for restaurants, hotels, shops, attractions and other services located in the city of Merida.

If you see something on with a "Verified" tag, it means that we have physically seen the location, verified that the mapping of the location is correct and that the operation was open for business within the last 12 months. contains data you can trust. Trying to navigate and make sense of the information overload often encountered when searching the Internet can be complicated, time-consuming and frustrating, and when you do find it, how can you be sure it is accurate and current? offers users a one-stop shop for accurate information about Merida. is a mobile resource. Many of the public parks around Merida have free wifi so users can access the information they are looking for whilst they are on the go.

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inMerida assists you by displaying details of your business and by mapping its exact location so people can find you, all in a user-friendly format. Your business’s basic information (not including mapping) can be added to’s database and why not take advantage of the system to promote your business and access more people to tell them about your products and services and what makes you special? We have several options to help.

Advertising on has been priced for the Mexican market, so you can afford it. These options allow you to advertise your business all year round to people looking for your services. To find out more about advertising, click HERE is a bilingual service - we attract both Spanish and English-speaking users. Although we area not a tourist resource, we appeal to tourists and foreigners with our one-stop shop approach to accessing accurate information about Merida.

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