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Mobile Sites

Many people use their cell phone to browse the web - and your business needs a proper mobile-ready site for all those potential customers. Mobile Sites are designed for phones, and even come with your own special QR Code to help you advertise them.

Mobile Web sites for Merida Business

You can have a "MOBILE SITE" that:

  1. Completely optimized for use with mobile phones
  2. We send you a QRC for your door / window for advertising your mobile site.
  3. Works in both Spanish and English
  4. Integrates completely with inMerida mobile and inMerida apps. This means built-in Marketing.
  5. Has mapping functions built-in
  6. Direct-dial built-in (user can call you by touching one button)
  7. "Around Me" information to help the user find things around your location


  1. All advertising removed form the mobile site
  2. Your logo is added to the mobile and desktop sites
  3. Premier listing upgrade on = more visibility on our system.
  4. Translation from Spanish to English done for you

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