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in Merida, Mexico

Bennigan's Share this  Bennigan's  with FacebookShare this  Bennigan's  with TwitterShare this  Bennigan's  with Google

Prolongación Paseo Montejo No. 118 x 25 y 27

tel. (999) 927-27-31 / 927-27-32

Irish-American inspired bar and grill. Great chicken wings, burgers and meal-sized salads. Opening hours: Sunday-Tuesday: 1pm-12 am; Wednesday-Thursday:12pm-1 am; Friday-Saturday: 1pm - 2am

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Avenida Cámara de Comercio x 5 y 7

tel. (999) 948-2034

Bryan's is the newest addition to the Trotter Group's list of successful restaurants in Merida. This New York style grill that serves contemporary food in a modern setting. It's up-beat atmosphere means it is fast becoming a popular spot [See More...]

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BBT Wings, Burgers, Pastas & Salads Share this  BBT Wings, Burgers, Pastas & Salads with FacebookShare this  BBT Wings, Burgers, Pastas & Salads with TwitterShare this  BBT Wings, Burgers, Pastas & Salads with Google

Calle 20 x 27

tel. (999) 254- 0909