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in Merida, Mexico

Café Chocolate Share this  Café Chocolate with FacebookShare this  Café Chocolate with TwitterShare this  Café Chocolate with Google

Calle 60 #442 entre 49 y 51

tel. (999) 928-51-13

Café Chocolate is a top-notch café combined with art and antique gallery, housed in a beautifully renovated historical building located in the historical centre of Merida. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and pride ourselves on our hea [See More...]

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Bryan's Share this  Bryan's  with FacebookShare this  Bryan's  with TwitterShare this  Bryan's  with Google

Avenida Cámara de Comercio x 5 y 7

tel. (999) 948-2034

Bryan's is the newest addition to the Trotter Group's list of successful restaurants in Merida. This New York style grill that serves contemporary food in a modern setting. It's up-beat atmosphere means it is fast becoming a popular spot [See More...]

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La Tratto Share this  La Tratto with FacebookShare this  La Tratto with TwitterShare this  La Tratto with Google

Prolongación Paseo de Montejo, No. 479C x 17 y 17A

tel. (999) 927-0434 / 923-0942

Sophisticated Italian trattoría located on the equally sophisticated Prolongación Paseo de Montejo. Offerings include fresh homemade pasta, pizza neopolitana and antipasto. Wine bar. Valet parking available. Open daily from 6:00 p.m. to [See More...]

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Pane e Vino Share this  Pane e Vino with FacebookShare this  Pane e Vino with TwitterShare this  Pane e Vino with Google

Calle 59 y 64

tel. (999) 923 39 29

A real favourite of both locals and tourists! An unassuming, very reasonably priced Italian restaurant, located within walking distance from both the main plaza and parque de Santiago. The menu offers both fresh and dried pasta along with a g [See More...]

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BBT Wings, Burgers, Pastas & Salads Share this  BBT Wings, Burgers, Pastas & Salads with FacebookShare this  BBT Wings, Burgers, Pastas & Salads with TwitterShare this  BBT Wings, Burgers, Pastas & Salads with Google

Calle 20 x 27

tel. (999) 254- 0909